Pathway to the MLM Mastery Club

Pathway to the

MLM Mastery Club

Course Description

The AromaTouch Prospecting course takes your doTERRA Essential Oil network marketing business to the next level by providing a whole-body experience of the oils for your prospect.

It starts off with a simple introduction of doTERRA essential oils to your prospect using the “Wilder WOW” and proceeds to gradually offers them an experience like no other.

We recommend you sign up and get certified using the official doTERRA company course that teaches the actual technique ($97) and then use this AromaTouch Prospecting Course to enhance what you have learned to build your business much more quickly.

You will be amazed by how simple it is to learn and how much faster you can build your business with both customers and business builders who duplicate the process you will learn in this pro-level course.

Ron and Liz have been a certified AromaTouch Technique instructors since 2012 and have taught and certified hundreds of students, in-person.  Ron has also taught this AromaTough prospecting course in-person and online (within 60 Days to Silver) to leverage the AromaTouch Technique to accelerate their business building.

Course topics include an overview of:

  • How to WOW someone on the first day you meet them
  • What tools you’ll want to have on-hand
  • Step-by-step process from the moment you meet a prospect to signing them up
  • How to get certified in the technique
  • How to answer prospect’s questions in a natural way
  • How to move from the technique to the close
  • How to test the water to see if the prospect is a customer or potential business builder

Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn how to leverage the aromatouch technique to build your business.

(Note: Unless you are a state licensed massage therapist, you can not make money doing AromaTouches. Besides, we find it much more effective to do the ATT for free and then follow it up with key questions that open the prospect’s mind up to being either a customer or even business builder after they experience it.)

You won’t find a more powerful way build your business.

You will also receive Ron’s bonus AromaTouch Technique custom “cheat sheet” that everyone loves.

This short course consists of the AromaTouch Prospecting lessons of Ron’s 60 Days to Silver course. These are a series of zoom calls the notes.

Finally, if you join this course and then wish to enroll in 60 Days to Silver, you can apply what you spent for this course towards 60 Days To Silver enrollment.