What Happened to the Damsel in Distress?

Recapping the story from the start...

The REST of the Story...

We continue the story to now reveal the secret she learned from her dōTERRA Diamond: Success wasn’t found by looking for customers and product sellers…

She learned it was about a simple way to create a properly structured
who also wanted to Build a business without focusing on selling oils.

She loved this because she didn’t want to become the kingdom’s expert on all of the various products her company offered. She didn’t want all of the other mothers pounding on her castle door every time their child had an earache at 2AM. And she didn’t have to walk the kingdom looking for product buyers since all business builders buy products, anyway!


She didn't need a preexisting network of friends!

  She felt relieved since she didn’t have a million followers of her castle Facebook account. She also learned that this is much better way to duplicate her business — She could teach others to do it the SAME WAY she did it to have success!


She didn't have to do it alone — She had personal guides!

She discovered a special supportive business-building community of other maidens who had the same goals as she did! A support community with both experts and others like her really helped to keep her motivated though tough times.


She learned how to enroll team builders who wanted it as much as she did!

She learned how to lead, rather than manage, her team — She INSPIRED them to believe in themselves and this inspired her more than ever to be their guide to success and happiness. This also gave her back her time as her business grew because she didn’t have to keep all of the ducklings in a row all the time — Talk about stress relief!


She found out the SECRET to no end-of-month craziness!

No longer did she have to “encourage” people to put orders in at the end of EVERY MONTH to make her own bonuses. And it was all because she learned to ask the right questions when she first met people. It was much easier to learn than studying all of the products and she didn’t even feel icky or weird when prospecting!


She finally figured out her WHY!

After listening to so many “experts” of how to discover her WHY that didn’t work, she had given up trying to figure hers out. Turns out there is a simple formula that really works. It gets her out of bed every morning excited to get started with the added bonus that she could use the same approach with her prospects and team members to help them figure out their WHYs too!


She learned how to use automation to easily follow up with prospects!

One of her biggest challenges was all of the scrolls overflowing from her desk with prospects names on them.  Many had faded in the sun and were unreadable. Turns out the castle had an internet connection with a simple-to-use followup system and could even create websites in 15 minutes that she used to build her business!


With renewed belief and energy plus a step-by-step approach,
she finally had success!

Within a few months she reached the rank of Silver and then a couple short years later, began creating a legacy for her family.

One surprise bonus was being surrounded by amazing friends for life who were also on their own journeys.

Her king was so impressed, he spent time with her and they eventually fell in love and got married. She became the queen of the kingdom!

And she lived happily ever after… in FREEDOM… with her king.

Her job and stress were distant memories.

The end.

"From damsel in distress to queen — all because she gave her business another try using secrets from a Diamond her fairy godmother gifted her"

Could a similar story happen for you???

That depends on you! But the only way is if you learn how and put in the work to make it happen.

Maybe creating a legacy is a bit out of your believability / comfort zone.

But the same can be said of every Diamond, Blue Diamond, and Presidential Diamond in dōTERRA. 

None expected it could happen for them… yet it did.

Why Not YOU?

How about we start by getting you to Silver really fast?

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How would that feel?

Then, it will be easier for you to believe you can reach Diamond and beyond.

That’s how it happened for all dōTERRA Diamonds.

Would you would like to experience this too?

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