Is there a Tower Garden in Your Future?

What is a Tower Garden?

  • A vertical aeroponic vegetable garden that uses only 3 square feet of floor space
  • It grows food 300% faster growth and 10% of the space required for traditional garden
  • GMO-Free and Pesticide free indoor gardening – Eat right from the tower!
  • Indoor or outdoor use — your choice
  • It comes with an auto-timed pump circulates water and nutrients saves 98% of the water
  • Optional auto-timed LED growing lights to provide indoor year-round growing
  • The Home Tower Garden holds 32 plants and is 2 ft in diameter. It also includes wheels.
  • The Flex Tower Garden holds 20 plants, is 2.5 ft in diameter. You can also buy a wheel kit.
  • It is soil-free to eliminate the mess and save time
  • You can add more sections to extend height as desired
  • Everything is in the box – just add water, power, and TLC

Why Own a Tower Garden?

  • If you want to exit and build, home gardening is essential
  • It takes time and dedication to create a back-yard garden
  • Tower Gardening is perfect for city or HOA living or when renting
  • Tower gardens grow year-round – even in the winter
  • Tower Gardens grow food you can eat even without washing! Would you dare do that with grocery food vegetables? – Even organic store-bought Veggies?
  • You can educate your kids that plants don’t come from the grocery store – They can learn how to germinate seeds, watch them grow, and even eat right from the tower!
  • Kids (and us adults) will discover that home-grown fruits and veggies taste better
  • Again, EVERYTHING is in the box – just add water, power, and a little TLC

Two Models of Tower Gardens to Fit YOUR Needs

HOME Tower Garden

FLEX Tower Garden

Two Models of Tower Gardens to Fit YOUR Needs

Things to Consider...

  • Consider the uncertainty of the economy and supply chain of 2 years ago – People were fighting over TOILET PAPER!  Imagine when food gets scarce.
  • You’ve listened to John and others talk about exiting and building but may not know how to start.
  • Would you like to have at least one Tower Garden for yourself and your family?
  • Would you like buy Tower Gardens on a 12-month plan with NO INTEREST charges.
  • Do you want to have your favorite veggies and fruits year round?
  • Are you concerned where your fruits and veggies come from?  (Even organic ones?)
  • Do you want (or need) to start eating healthier?
  • All of these thoughts ran through my mind before I decided to buy them.

Download a Tower Garden Recipe Book and Ron's Tower Garden PowerPoint

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